Sadly, most human enterprises fail.

Per Forbes Magazine 8 out of 10 businesses fail. Per Harvard Business School study 75% of venture-backed startups fail. Only 50% of businesses will survive 5 years and only 30% will survive their 10th year. Per Fortune Magazine, nine out of ten organizations fail to implement their strategic plan. Over 90% of technology start-up companies fail.

Many organizational and economic reasons could explain this phenomenon, such as lack of correlation between strategy and budget, lack of employee engagement,

lack of awareness as to the importance of long term planning and even lack of basic understanding…

AMERICAN ESSAY: The victory of the Biden-Harris ticket signals the general direction: reformation


By Ido Aharoni (Special for the Jerusalem Post)

Joe Biden’s upcoming inauguration, in the shadow of the insurrection and Trump’s second impeachment, presents a good opportunity to assess the implications to US-Israel ties, as well as American politics.

Largely due to his age, the conventional wisdom is that Biden’s presidency will be a transitional one. The 78-year-old Biden is the oldest person ever to be elected as US president.

The transition various commentators are referring to is intergenerational. He will serve, they say, as the president passing the baton to the new generation within the Democratic Party. …

Jerusalem’s Western wall on the Jewish New Year (Credit: www.pixabay.com)

By Ido Aharoni (special for the Jerusalem Post)

Jerusalem, September 24th , 2020— — In the Middle East “Peace” primarily means non-belligerency. Therefore, you can have “Peace” without normalization. But you cannot have full normalization without peaceful relations. In the case of Egypt and Jordan, a peace agreement was needed to end a state of war, but no normalization took place.

This is not the case with most of the Gulf countries. Informal ties started decades ago involving academics, business and back-channel diplomacy. …


Apparently, the abused has had enough of the abuser.

By Ido Aharoni

British musician Roger Waters (76) has made the headlines once again, this time complaining that he had been “banned” from Pink Floyd’s official site and social media by his former band mate David Gilmour. In a 5-minute video released on May 19th, Waters shared his deep frustration with his former partners’ refusal to let him use the band’s official platforms, supporting his claims with some very specific facts.

In psychoanalysis this kind of behavior is commonly known as “projection,” which is a basic psychological defense mechanism that allows humans to deny the existence of certain feelings and…

The global tourism industry has been hit in an unprecedented fashion, far and wide. What should local and national decision-makers do to help their tourism industries recover?

By Ido Aharoni

Special for the Diplomatic Courier (www.diplomaticcourier.com)

Vermont in the Winter by Adam Aharoni

t may come as a surprise that refugee camps, along with other remote locations, have not been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. As the pandemic evolved, it has become clear that global travel is its main agent. Places that were not exposed to travelers experienced it less intensely. This is also the reason why New York City, the main gateway to America, quickly…

By Ido Aharoni

Ultimately, we are all participants.

Participatory Culture is a term coined by Professor, Henry Jenkins[1], of the University of Southern California. The term refers to the vast and frequent participation of people in media in the age of technology and information. The discussion, which was ignited by Jenkins some 15 years ago, is more relevant than ever during the global confinement imposed on us by the COVID-19 crisis.

In the ‘pre-online world’, participation usually had a significant physical dimension (for example, protest was pre-dominantly linked to physical participation in demonstrations). …

By Ido Aharoni

Special for U.S. News and World Report (www.usnews.com)

EVEN BEFORE COVID-19, the unofficial “contract” between governments and citizens became increasingly unsustainable. The combination of rising life expectancy, fast-paced urbanization and a job market stripped from most of its traditional characteristics by artificial intelligence, was going to put pressure on the global system to produce a new order and a revised social and economic ‘contract.’

Israel’s first Prime Minister David Ben Gurion at the opening of the Mae Boyar High School for underprivileged youth in 1965 in Jerusalem. To his left philanthropist Louis (Lou) H. Boyar of Beverly Hills, CA who built the school in the memory of his late wife. Behind Mr. Ben Gurion is Abba Eban who later became Israel’s Foreign Minister. Standing behind Mr. Boyar is Teddy Kollek the newly elected Mayor of Jerusalem (Photo Credit: Boyar Family archive)

What was the “old contract”?

It was a simple bargain: the government was to provide adequate health, education, opportunity and security. The people’s side of the bargain was to be productive, law abiding…

What will happen to global competition between places post-COVID-19? The simple answer is that it is too early to fully assess its impact. There are too many variables at play.

So far, we can only predict that global competition between nations and cities will re-emerge, but in a different form. Some, environmental activists for example, hope that it will lose some of its intensity and the excess that comes with it. They hope that past levels of consumption will be met with moderation and responsible behavior. They also hope for a major boost to the climate change conversation. The universe…

The term ‘political mystification’ has been mostly used in academic and public discourse to describe efforts made by political leaders to conceal ill-intended policies. The traditional approach assumes mistrust: political leadership will always have something to hide. Hidden agenda is part of their DNA.

Distance, both physical and conceptual, is the defining factor allowing political mystification, especially in times of national crisis: most Americans did not know that FDR was a disabled person, just as they had no clue that their own government locked up in internment camps tens of thousands of law-abiding American citizens only because they were of…

The global crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light a number of great human qualities such as mutual responsibility, caring and compassionate giving. But it has also exposed many systemic weaknesses and deficiencies. One of them is the profound social and economic impact of information overload.

A key feature of today’s technological revolution is the unprecedented volume of information created by humanity. Technology allows participants to access information in an unprecedented fashion, with remarkable speed and accuracy. This massive exposure has led to the creation of the increasingly dominant Information Overload.

The term was coined in 1964…

Ido Aharoni

Lecturer, writer, public speaker, branding practitioner.

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